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Student Testimonials 

Saundra and I were introduced to each other because of our common love of music. At first I did not know she taught voice, but I soon learned how much knowledge she had for the art. Because I have trained with some with some of the most prolific voice teachers in the world, from Andy Anselmo in New York and Dean Kalein in Utah, I was a little unsure what she could bring to the table. Both of these teachers had improved my voice and taught me confidence in my instrument. 15 minutes into our first lesson, I knew Saundra was different. Her ability to connect with a musician in very black and white terms is truly a gift She is able to able to teach in away that takes the mystery out of the process. Because she is also a performer, she has the ability to bring greatness and clarity to my own performances. This incredible woman is my favorite Voice teacher to date. I recommend her whole heartedly to everyone I know.

With Respect,
Brandon Jones

I’ve been going to Saundra for almost five months now and have never been happier with a vocal coach. In the past with other instructors, i’ve been extremely disappointed, but with Saundra I always leave a better vocalist than when I walked through the door.
Saundra makes you feel at ease, and is extremely interactive at every single lesson. I always learn something new that changes me as a vocalist.
She’s gone above and beyond when preparing me for auditions as well as live performances. She literally strengthens you from head to toe, inside and out to become a better vocalist. She also incorporates knowledge of theory and learning to have a better ear. Because of Saundra, I’ve become a better live vocalist as well as in a recording studio. She teaches you the vocabulary and the skills to breeze through studio sessions (which we all know costs can add up when time is wasted).
I cannot be more thankful and fulfilled by her brilliance and ability to understand me as a singer. She has instilled in me the knowledge and confidence to be the best version of myself as a performer. I have recommended at least 3 other friends to Saundra who are equally, if not happier, than I am to meet with her weekly. Saundra has contributed to my life and passion in ways that no other professional has ever done, and of that, I am extremely thankful.

Rosie Okumura

Saundra Agababyan as an exemplary voice coach and professional in the musical field. I have been under her mentorship since the fall of 2014, and have been able to hear noticeable changes in my voice. Saundra has helped me sharpen my skills with my range and my comfort with singing. She is great on the piano and is able to teach the keys and help with my ability to identify notes. With her mentorship, I do feel I have become, and continue to become, a better,more well rounded singer.

Not only is Saundra a great mentor, she is also a very caring, understanding, and punctual person. Our lessons are always able to start on time because Saundra has never been late. The studio is a clean and inviting workspace. Saundra has many exercises and warm ups that make it easy for a beginner such as myself to get through. These exercises are also very fun to do. I never feel as if her lessons are dull in fact, I find time passes by almost too quickly. I personally never thought I would be comfortable with my own voice but Saundra made me feel good about my voice. From unveiling the progress I have made from week to week to commenting on little things I have accomplished. It was truly a blessing to have met her and I would recommend her for anyone. No matter the age, gender, or previous experience.

Best Regards,
Desmond Walker

The vocal training I have gained while under her tutelage has made an incredible impact on my overall development as a vocalist and musician. My knowledge and skillsets in the areas ofmusic theory, ear training, vocal strengthening, and stage presence have grown immensely. Saundra is an excellent mentor and vocal coach. Her individualized vocal coaching technique allows her students to not only grow but flourish as musicians. 
She has been instrumental in helping me prepare for vocal auditions on a collegial and professional level. She challenges me to tap into abilities I never knew I had. She is an amazing coach and has inspired me to become a world class vocalist.  

Best Regards,
Mehila Walston

I love her. She's awesome, sweet, & really skilled. ^_^ If a singing cupcake were a person, Saundra would be that person. 
Does that make sense? Probably not. I'm not good at writing reviews. Point is - she's really really great.


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