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Saundra Aida Voice Studio

        Saundra has been teaching and working with singers for over seven years, and founded the Saundra Aida Voice Studio in Los Angeles in 2014.

        Saundra believes that a singer can grow and flourish while studying repertoire they are passionate about, and with a tailored curriculum any student can learn to sing with the utmost ease, comfort, and power. Saundra works with singers at all levels, from beginners to label-signed artists!

        In addition to technique and ear training, Saundra focuses on style--how to get the right vocal sound for the genre/character you are singing--and performance. She also produces showcases that take place in various theaters/music venues, where students perform solo pieces, group numbers, even dance numbers and small scenes. This is not only great experience but also a great community of supportive singers and young performers. For her more seasoned and experienced artists, SAVS hosts "Artist Salons", a place for artists to perform, create community, and collaborate.

      Beyond vocal technique, a large portion of SAVS is focused on artist development. This includes everything from songwriter, production, fundamentals of marketing, and more. 

      From experience, Saundra knows it's crucial for singers to be able to communicate with  instrumentalists, producers, and engineers by understanding musical concepts and terminology. She integrates music theory heavily into lessons and offers production workshops for singers interested in recording.

       Creating a lesson strategy and goals for each students needs, Saundra strives to make an artistic, musical, and human connection with every person she works with.

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